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Local Pet Veterinarian and Animal Hospital in Junction City, Kansas

Vet Wellness Exams

Exams and Consultations 

At Spring Valley Veterinary Hospital, LLC Dr. Theresa McCreath will perform a nose to tail wellness examination on animals ranging from pet cats and dogs to farm animals such as horses and cattle. She will advise customers on what is best to feed the animal and what treats to give them. We will also carry out any vaccinations that are required with your permission. 

Injured Animal Procedures


Surgeries in sick or injured animals are routinely practiced at our veterinary clinic in Junction City, Kansas. Common surgical procedures such as neutering and spaying is also available. You can rely on us to perform more advanced treatments including fracture repair, joint replacement, and the stabilization of cranial cruciate ligament deficiency.

Regular Vet Checkup

Sick Calls

We make regular visits to houses and farms in and around Junction City, Kansas. Our team is able to arrive at your location and depending on what is wrong with the animal, we will take its temperature and give it a full exam. Blood test results can come back in 25 minutes because we have an in-house lab. There is a charge for out-of-hours emergency calls*

About Spring Valley Veterinary Hospital, LLC

Spring Valley Veterinary Hospital, LLC is based in Junction City, Kansas, and serves the communities within a 75-mile radius. Dr. Theresa McCreath has 19 years of experience as a vet and the clinic also employs two fully-trained technicians and a receptionist. We provide veterinary medical and surgical care that includes the use of an in-house laboratory, orthopedic surgery, and digital radiography. Dr. McCreath prides herself on her compassionate care and the experience she brings to the job, qualities which set the practice apart from competitors in the area.

She loves everything the job involves, especially the animals she treats. Clients are always impressed with the fair and affordable pricing structure we operate. Dr. McCreath operates a mobile service and visits nearby communities including Manhattan, Herington, Council Grove, Wamego, White City, Dwight, Chapman, Milford, and Ogden. Our company slogan is ‘Compassionate, experienced care for your four-legged friend’ and it is one we strive to live up to every working day.

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  • Love What We Do
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Veterinarian and Pet Hospital

At our veterinary clinic, we deal with a variety of pets and animals, including dogs, cats, and livestock. Dr McCreath regularly gives vaccinations to protect both the animal and human populations. She also microchips the animals so they can be tracked if they ever get lost. Preventative health care is another service we offer here. It involves a veterinary evaluation of your pet’s overall health, and risks of disease or other health problems.

Spring Valley Veterinary Hospital, LLC also runs a pet hospital in Junction City, Kansas, at which Dr McCreath performs a variety of surgical procedures on animals. She carries out orthopedic operations which includes bones, joints, and muscles; soft tissue surgeries such as skin, body cavities, cardiovascular system, urogenital, and respiratory tracts; and neurosurgical treatment. More advanced surgeries include joint replacement, fracture repair and cancer treatments. She also carries out routine neutering and excisions.

Pet Hospital

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