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Spring Valley Veterinary Hospital, LLC - Ogden, KS

Spay and Nueter Pet Hospital near Ogden, Kansas

At Spring Valley Veterinary Hospital, LLC we operate a mobile veterinary service for animal lovers within a 75-mile radius of our clinic in Junction City, Kansas. One of the communities we regularly visit to check on pets and farm animals is the small city of Ogden.

We also urge pet owners from Ogden to bring their animals into our pet hospital where we can provide everything from routine procedures such as spaying and neutering to in-house laboratory wellness, digital radiography, ultrasound, soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, and dental care.

Dr Theresa McCreath and her small team at Spring Valley Veterinary Hospital, LLC prides itself on kindness and compassion towards every animal they have to deal with – and that includes horses, cattle and other farm animals as well as sick dogs and sick cats.

At our wellness clinics we perform what we call a nose to tail examination to check that the animal is in the best of health. Dr McCreath offers expert nutritional counseling and will pass on advice on what to feed the animal, and what treats are the best.

If any Ogden residents need a vet out of hours because of an emergency situation then we are always on call. We will come straight to your house or far, inspect the patient, and take the animal’s temperature. Depending on the condition of the pet, the veterinarian may order blood work and x-rays to be done.

The pricing structure we operate at Spring Valley Veterinary Hospital, LLC is very fair and competitive and we take pride in our honesty and integrity. We also love working with animals.

So if you are in Ogden and are looking for a veterinarian near you, then you need not look further than Spring Valley Veterinary Hospital, LLC - we are the best in the business and only a few miles away. When you need our services just call Spring Valley Veterinary Hospital, LLC and explain your problem.


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