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Spring Valley Veterinary Hospital, LLC - White City, KS

Pet Doctor and Vaccinations near White City, Kansas

The rural community of White City, Kansas, is one of the many small towns and cities within a 75-mile radius of our clinic that our mobile veterinary service visits regularly. As the premier veterinary service in the area, we deal with both domestic pets and farm animals and vet Dr Theresa McCreath is on call to handle emergency cases.

At our veterinary clinic in nearby Junction City, we provide a comprehensive range of services for every animal problem and have more than 19 years of experiences in performing surgeries, administering dog shots and pet vaccines, and nursing sick animals back to health.

We also pride ourselves on our compassion towards animals and their owners. As professionals who love our job and the animals we care for, you should always be assured that your pet is safe in our hands.

White City residents who find themselves in need of vet care for their animal – whether it is a pet or a farm animal. The only creatures we do not deal with are reptiles.

Pet vaccinations are required on dogs and cats for a number of reasons – to protect them against canine and feline distemper, rabies, Bordetella, and feline leukemia virus among other diseases. At our veterinary clinic we provide vaccinations as well as animal microchipping at our special wellness consultations.

And if you have a young dog or cat then you should bring it to us to us so we can spay and neuter them to prevent unwanted puppies and kittens.

People in White City are only a short drive from the best veterinary practitioner in the business. At Spring Valley Veterinary Hospital, LLC we promise you a professional and compassionate service – so make sure you choose us for all your animal’s veterinary needs. Call us today on (785) 318-7334 to book an appointment.

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